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Move over .com, the alphabet’s last three letters may soon be go-to domain suffix for the tech savvy.

The .com domain extension’s dominance in the Internet world could be replaced by .xyz pretty soon—as tech companies and celebrities are leading the way. Just this August, internet powerhouse Google announced that .xyz would host the website of the tech giant’s new company, Alphabet Inc.

There is no extension seen more generic than .xyz. While .com stands for commercial, .org for organizations and .net for network, this new generic top-level domain (gTLD) is for everyone looking to find the perfect web address—no matter the industry or the type of website.

Already .xyz was reported to have topped the list of most popular new gTLDs since last year. People are said to be choosing .xyz since it works for any market, not to mention the fact that the end of the alphabet is seen as “cool, more attractive and more hip.”

As of this posting, there are already 1,432,427 registered domains with the .xyz extension.

Bu there’s more…aside from it being easy to remember, the .xyz registry also monitors spam and phishing efforts, a plus factor for the security-conscious Net user. LLC’s founder and CEO Daniel Negari paid the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers $185,000 to apply for .xyz. His company also owns .college and .rent and plans to launch domains such as .security, .protection, .theatre, .car, .cars and .auto by the end of this year.

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