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Earlier this week, the National Museum Planetarium announced they were going to treat everybody to free screenings until April 30 because…they got themselves a brand spankin’ new full dome. It’s the first hybrid projection system in Asia, and apparently, it’s supposed to give viewers a trippy 3D experience.

Except for informing MB Life about the three shows on rotation, there weren’t much details—until today, Friday, which by the way, is the first day of its free screenings.

Below is the program that the Planetarium will follow, according to the National Museum’s Facebook page:

9am: A Planet for Goldilocks
10:30am: Hayabusa Back to the Earth
1pm: A Planet for Goldilocks
2:30pm: Journey to a Billion Suns
4pm: Hayabusa Back to the Earth

10am: Journey to a Billion Suns
2pm: Hayabusa Back to the Earth

Each show lasts for 30 minutes only and guests are requested to be there 30 minutes before your planned screening time.

An FYI: MB Lifers present during the debut screening on Friday report that the lines are insane; they arrived at the Planetarium at 10am for the 10:30 screening show, but were only able to wiggle themselves in for the 1pm shebang.

Everything’s on a first-come first-serve basis; no VIP treatments, no reservations. Kids below five won’t be admitted. Admission is free until April 30. See you there!

To our National Planetarium viewers, here is the program for your information:Tuesday-Saturday: Planetarium Program:…

Posted by National Museum of the Philippines on Thursday, March 23, 2017


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