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Ah maong. We practically live in them, that our mothers and their friends think they’re our uniforms. Some days, it gets boring and monotonous, other times, we wait until they get old because every maong lover knows the older they get, the better they become.

The sad part? You wait for them to get old and comfortable and then snap! They die.

It’s sad when we need to throw old jeans out, whether it be because of our growing waistlines or the cut’s a little passé, or worse, it’s lived beyond its glory years.

Thankfully, Levi’s very own master tailors have shared with Manila Bulletin a few tips and tricks on how to rework your jeans. We’re picking it up!

How to taper your jeans for a skinnier look
Do it: Pin the leg, taper, and rip out the ankle hems. Trace a line with your pins and sew this line. This will be the new inseam. Rip out the old inseam, iron your new inseam flat, and sew the ankle hems.

How to make your jeans look distressed
Do it: Using a pen, mark a spot where you’d like to look distressed. Line your denim with cardboard, to protect the other side. Using a dull knife, cut through the jeans. Repeat until your happy with how it looks. Want a more frayed look? Use a razor.

How to make cut-offs
Do it: Decide on your desired length. Mark this line before chopping it all off. Chop. Distress your jeans and wash to wrap up the look.

How to add panels to your denims
Do it: Mark the spot on your jeans where you want to have the panels. Trace lines on them. Measure, mark, and cut the fabric that you’d like to use as panels.

Next, go back to your jeans that you’ve marked. Rip out the outside seams within the marks that you’ve made. Pin and sew the panels in place. Flip your jeans inside out and sew the outside seam closed.

How to patch up holes on your old jeans
Do it: Find a fabric you’d like to use to patch things up. Cut it slightly larger than the hole. Pin the fabric in place and hand-stitch around the hole. Use a razor for additional fraying.

H/T: Manila Bulletin; Photo: House of Fraser


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