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Ah, rice. What’s a meal without it? While people often try to eat less of it, in attempts to lose weight and/or cut back on carbs, we always seem to crawl back to it like a moth to a flame.

Thankfully, the ever-dynamic local food scene is also reflecting our love and loyalty for this Filipino food staple. Below, we round up establishments where rice-obsessed individuals can get their rice fix.

1. Poke Poke

Poke bowls trended last year but the craze for these Hawaiian rice bowls has yet to end. Poke Poke, from the creators of Locavore and Your Local, might be our favorite place to get our fix for five reasons: (1) customization is allowed, (2) but it still has a menu of signatures for those hungry/lazy individuals, and (3) the signatures is comprised of basic and inventive dishes (the Gangnam style features Siracha, yo!), (4) there’s a special menu for those who want their meat cooked, and finally (5) diners have the option to have white rice, brown rice, or quinoa. Bowls at Poke Poke start at P280. LG/ Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig. 11am-9pm. +639164735836

2. Coco Ichibanya

It’s almost as if you’re eating like a tough laborer when ordering the standard rice size of 200g but that’s the best way to enjoy Coco Ichibanya’s charming curry dishes. Because, whether you customize or your order from the long litany of recommended set meals, a dish comes in a plate drowning in curry sauce. Say, you chose the crazy hot option out of the eight spiciness level choice: How can you limit your rice intake? The answer: you don’t. Multiple locations around Metro Manila

3. Recovery Food

We can’t be talking about rice without talking about Recovery Food’s rice bowls. There are 13 rice bowl offerings to choose from, all of them winsome. A few of our favorites: The Tapa de Morning, which is our beloved Tapsilog, the SST, which is another silog dish this time featuring dried fish aka tuyo, the Hey Jude’s Paksig because we love anything maasim, and Amadobo, which is adobo rice, egg, and well, adobo! Multiple locations around Metro Manila

4. Ooma

Many people forget that Ooma, Chef Bruce Rickett’s fast-paced and casual Japanese joint in collaboration with The Moment Group, is a rice bar. Waiters go around the restaurant with large containers full of steaming white rice, and their rice bowls are really something to experience. So while people can’t stop raving about those inventive Taco-Makis and the delicious Aburi Makis, don’t forget: You can actually pair these low carb Japanese goodies with hot steaming rice. Also, turn your attention to the donburis—the Buta Kakuni Katsudon in particular. Multiple locations around Metro Manila

5. Wok2Go

For people who think rice is the enemy, Wok2Go is the answer. It’s a new casual dining restaurant that has healthy-eating and rice at its core. Each menu item features the go, grow, and glow food groups, with mixed vegetables, rice noodles, white rice, or red rice as your options for your carb fix. You can order from its list of recommendations, or like the first two items on this list, you can make your own. You start by choosing a sauce, and then your carb, and finally your meat. Wok2Go, 2/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Taguig, Metro Manila. 11am-11pm


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