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What is summer without a road trip? And what is a road trip without a playlist and a tonload of baon? We went to the grocery to survey all the new and delicious snacks to take with you on your barkada road trip.

1. Chicken Poppers, Family Mart

Photo by Family Mart

If you’re meeting the gang at a convenience story, suggest Family Mart if only for (1) its super specific location (there’s only so many of them around!) and (2) these delicious chicken poppers. There are three different flavors to choose from: chili garlic, karaage, and cheese. So, let’s see: It’s great to snack on while you wait for the latecomers, to eat during the actual drive, and as buffer, for just in case. It’s only P59 but have it with rice for only P65.

2. Fish and Fries, McDonalds

If you’re going to celebrate Holy Week out of town and you still want to have a meatless Lent, this new McDonald’s product is for you. The fish fillet is coated with crisp breading and paired with their famous French fries. You can also choose to have it with the tartar sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or thousand island dressing as your dip. It is P149 with a regular drink.

3. White Choco Almond Mamon

Fluffy mamon is one of Red Ribbon’s signature pastries. Now, the bakeshop is giving it a one-up with a new flavor, White Choco Almond Mamon. It’s like the signature Red Ribbon mamon except with white chocolate and almonds on top of the chiffon cake. In case you’ll will need something sweet to end your food trip. Enjoy it for only P24/piece.

4. Pocket Sandwiches, Gardenia

Photo by Madel Crudo

Gardenia has a new product for all the lazy basic girls in the house. Check out these ready-made pocket sandwiches: generous servings of peanut butter or chocolate between two slices of classic Gardenia white bread, minus the edges make for the most convenience snack ever. Did we say it’s perfectly sealed, too? Grab a Gardenia pocket sandwich for only P15.


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