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Take your venture for love (or lust) on desktop as Tinder tests out its app called Tinder Online. The famous dating app known to have people swiping left and right in search of partners has now become more innovative through the use of the traditional computer—because productivity is an obsolete concept nowadays, you guys. Kidding.

In place of swiping, you can now click and drag either left or right based on your preferences, at least that’s waht we gather in the demo released by Tinder.

Tinder Online also comes with a messaging feature, letting in a more open experience for every member of the app. Instead of going on a swiping extravaganza, you can now choose to send a message upfront, leaving a lot more room for, uh, meaningful interactions.

The web app is not yet released worldwide, but it’s beta testing is going on countries without 4G or those with weak Internet connections like Brazil, Sweden, Philippines, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, and Argentina.

Not gonna lie, “swiping” from any browser/device seems awesome, tbh. However, Twitter being Twitter, mixed reactions arose.

Well, uh, right.

I mean, would you?

Hmm. Sure.

Either way, this should be a game changer for Tinder. A lot more people are riding on their idea, so going traditional may be a promising shift. Would you give it a try? We would!


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