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Photo by Pinoyexchange

Jolina Magdangal appears to be doing average TV hosting work, hosting Magandang Buhay with Karla Estrada and Melai Cantiveros every weekday morning, and being a mainstay on ASAP on Sundays.

But the incredibly viral social media parody account Jolegend Slaydangal reminded us of Jolina’s real slaying power. It made us look back on the ’90s fondly and realize, Jolina was truly ahead of her time. Here are six distinct memories from the ’90s that explain why Jolina is a total Jolegend.

1. She wore the funkiest clothes

We mean, see above: Playful bangs, check. Insane platforms, check. the entire Crayola box on her arms, check. Buttons as denim embellishments, check. Metal chains that don’t look sinister, check. Aaaand burloloy in her hair, check. That’s Jolina for you: Slaying since ’90s.

2. She gave those butterfly clips a purpose

The truth is: Jolina made the eksenadora butterfly clips from the ’90s famous. In an interview with, Jolens said, “Gusto ko lang masaya ako kapag nakikita ko yung sarili ko sa salamin. So minsan, hindi ko na lang din pinapansin yung naiisip ng ibang tao. Pero masaya ako ha kahit mukha akong Christmas tree!”

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3. She had business sense to go with her fashion sense

In the ’90s, Jolina put up the Jolina Fashion Gallery, an independent store in New Manila that sold pretty much what she wore back then: funky clothes, all the accessories you can imagine, and other abubots. Note, she didn’t just pick the things she sold in Jolina Fashion Gallery—she designed them. It was quite successful: Jolina Fashion Gallery branched out all the way to…California.

4. Dolls were made in her image and likeness

Did you know that Jolina has her own Jolina dolls? The Jolina Dolls series had multi-colored hair and nails, plus, her signature butterfly clips. It was a total copy of the ’90s Jolina look!

Photo by Pinoyexchange

6. She brought “Paper Roses” to our consciousness

Without Jolina, we would not have known—or we would have known much, much later—about the sweet, sweet song that was “Paper Roses.” It’s actually a Marie Osmond original, released in the ’70s. We’re willing to argue that if it weren’t for Jolina, we would’ve deemed “Paper Roses” kinda baduy.

7. She was a legit singer

Not very many people know Jolina was actually a member of Maestro Ryan Cayabyab’s 14K—that’s actually how she got her start in the entertainment industry. Uh huh, Ang TV! came after, and precisely because of 14K: she was spotted at a gig and was asked to audition for Ang TV! 

8. She was one-half of the lightest and cutest love team of the decade  

Let’s see, there was Claudine Barretto and Mark Anthony Fernandez, which was a little too intense, and then there was Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan, which ended tragically. There was Angelu de Leon and Bobby Andrews, which was ended because Angelu got pregnant and not with Bobby (remember Growing Up?). And while there was Judy Ann and Wowie de Guzman, Juday operated on a different level all together. So we’re left with Marvin and Jolina. The love team was unlike any other: They were innocent and cute and light. Look at their chemistry? Weren’t they the greatest? Marvin-Jolina forevs!

Photo by ABS-CBN

8. She had the mother of all friendzone lines in local cinema 

While Maja Salvador may now hold that record in I’m Drunk, I Love You, Jolina, in Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang delivered that saksak-puso of a line:

 “Oh yes, kaibigan mo ako, kaibigan mo lang ako… And I’m so stupid to make the biggest mistake of falling in love with my bestfriend!!!”

9. She gave us the classic “Chuva Choo Choo”

How would our childhood be like without this catchy song? Also, how would we be speaking now without “chuva” and “choo choo” in our vernacular?  We may not know what that means but who cares? Bet the ear worm has infected you just as well!


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