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We were totally shipping Pia Wutzbach and Marlon Stockinger ever since we first saw their first couple pic on IG some time last year. Thanks to social media, we saw the love blossom, so when Pia admitted that yes they were a couple early this year, we were more than kilig.

Recently, rumors about Marlon Stockinger fathering children are spreading like a wildfire—even catching the ever gracious Queen Pi off-guard. “Are you sure it’s the same Marlon? There’s a lot of Marlons… I don’t know anything about that,” she said at one point.

So it came as a surprise when Pinay model Kit Barraquias gave an exclusive interview on Thursday, March 30, and admitted that yes Marlon is the Baby Daddy of her twins.

Or in Kit’s words, the “biological dad. I don’t wanna say that he’s the dad…just had the biological dad. And that’s it.”

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Apparently, Stockinger had a one-year relationship with Kit when he was only 18, and Kit, 27.

“I’m older by 9 or 10 [years], I think. And that’s the reason… to, like, I don’t wanna be the one to ruin his racing career,” she said.

When Kit was four months pregnant, the two broke up.

In September 2009, she gave birth to twin girls via C-section and handled everything by herself, like the super woman that she is.

Kit says she’s financially independent and has never asked for support because “why would I ask? I’m working. I worked abroad for five years. I came back here and [I’m] still working. I’m into financing.”

She denies ever having been paid to keep quiet, and maintains there is no bad blood between her, Marlon, and Marlon’s family.

She decided to speak out because she wanted the speculations “making me look like [I’m asking for money]” to stop.

This is the first and last time Kit will talk about the issue, she says, and she hopes that the issue will eventually “die down.”

“I’m over and done. Whatever they say, bahala na. Siyempre, they have their own followings,” Kit continued.

Whatever they say Kit, we’re with you. Raising a child is difficult enough—raising twins, and all by yourself too, is something else. You go girl!

Last night 🏁👑 #celebratemega25

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