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Uh-oh, it seems that there’s a new addition to the long list of celebrities with photo and video scandals. Basketball star Kiefer Ravena was allegedly involved in a sexting scandal with a model, who posted screenshots of their conversations online.

The scandal had been going on for weeks but he refused to speak up about it. On Wednesday, March 29, Ravena finally released an official statement, saying that a man threatened to leak his private photos in exchange for money.

On the same day, a 22-year-old banker Kristoffer Monico Ng was arrested in an entrapment operation. He is facing charges of robbery and extortion and could face 12 to 120 years in prison.

We know right; there’s so much going on. We attempt answer 5 questions that might be in your minds.

1. What’s the photo all about?

A Twitter account named Geng Paltrow posted d*ck pics and screenshots of her alleged Viber conversation with Kiefer. Here are some of the photos that you may want to see:

2. Was Kiefer really that cool to just shrug it off?

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, he did say that “this is not the first time that he has been embroiled in off-court controversy.” So maybe he’s used to such things already. Kiefer dismissed the issue and said that he’ll just focus on his basketball career.

“Just focus on what’s important, which is the team right now. Tinutulungan lang ako ng mga kaibigan ko to fine-tune everything, and everything will be okay in the end,” he added.

3. Wait, he actually sexting with a guy?

Well, whether or not it was a dude Kiefer was texting with, one thing’s for sure: The PNP held enough evidence to arrest a certain Kristoffer Monico Ng in an entrapment operation conducted in Quezon City. He is a bank account officer and an alumnus of Ateneo de Manila University. Ng has allegedly been in contact with Kiefer through Viber and allegedly acted as a middleman for the model who was blackmailing the athlete.

4. How is Alyssa?

Kiefer’s girlfriend, volleyball player Alyssa Valdez, who has been with Kiefer since 2016, has not released any official statement. We hope she’s coping well, though. We’re with you, Alyssa!

5. So, wait, was cheating on her?

Sorry, we cannot answer this question, but the screenshots says it all. Besides, it depends on how you and your SO define cheating. In our book, however, flirtations of such kind is unacceptable and is included in the definite.


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