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Ever since it arrived in the country in 2014, Spotify has been putting in effort to highlight and introduce local artists to the larger Spotify community around the world. There was 2015’s Spotify Sessions Asia that featured Hale and 2016’s spotlight on PBB alumna Ylona Garcia.

This year, the streaming app launched Early Noise 2017, a playlist “which was curated to recognise and celebrate up and coming artists from the Southeast Asia region,” Managing Director of Spotify Asia Sunita Kaur tells MB Life. “Our commitment has always been about discovering artists and connecting themt o the music fans on Spotify,” she continues.

Unlike its playlists that are often tied to a singular “moment,” Early Noise 2017 highlights new acts across the region. Equipped with internal data and good relations in the music industry, Spotify was able to build a 21-song playlist. “It is a forecast of what we believe the wider audience of music fans on Spotify will enjoy.”

Below are the six Filipino artists included in the playlist. Have you heard of them yet?

1. Ben&Ben. Twin brothers Paolo and Miguel Guico formed The Benjamins in 2015. Two years later, and they are now known as Ben&Ben. Predominantly influenced by folk, world, and pop, Ben&Ben rose to prominence after winning second runner-up in the Philippine Pop Music Festival in 2016. The duo released the Ben&Ben EP in December. Their single “Leaves” opens Early Noise.

2. Jess Connelly. Ah, but who in the gig community doesn’t know Jess Connelly? She often lends her slick vocals to CRWN’s sick beats. Jess released a four-track EP, How I Love, in 2015 and dropped her latest single “Radar/2am” just last December. It’s this song that’s been included in the playlist.

3. Kaye Cal. Kaye Cal certainly knows how to make an entrance. In 2014, she collaborated with none other than Daniel Padilla, when she was asked to do a demo of her song “Walang Iba.” She then went out to be part of the OPM Fresh album, before finally dropping her self-titled album earlier this year. On Early Noise, she contributes “Why Can’t It Be.”

4. Leanne & Naara. They both thought it was just going to be a one-off college collaboration but here Leanne & Naara are, post-college and still at it. Little did we know, the duo has already gone viral in Mexico, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia for their song “Again.” In Early Rise, they contribute “New York and Back,” a song they wrote for a friend obsessed with the Big Apple but has never gone there.

5. Zack & Fritz. They’re only 15 years old, but Zack and Fritz look poised to dominate the pop charts. Their single “Ikaw Ang Pangarap Ko,” released last year, has been included in Early Noise.

6. IV of Spades. As in Four of Spades. They may be very new, with a name that’s hard to understand, but their inclusion to Early Noise should tell all of us that they’re creating all the right ripples. “Ilaw sa Daan,” their debut track released in October 2016, has been streamed more than 50,000 times.


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