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So the MTRCB slapped an X Rating on Bliss, a movie about the repetitive psychological and physical abuse on actress Jane Ciego (Iza Calzado) and her pursuit of a personal dream turning into a waking nightmare.

The movie, directed by Jerrold Tayog, won for Iza Calzado a best actress award in the Osaka Asian Film Festival in Japan.

Upon the X Rating news, Iza issued a statement that the press merrily picked up. It was well-thought out, expressed eloquently, and just made so much damn sense. We debone it further, in case a bunch of us can’t digest blocks of text.

1. Bliss tackles not just abuse in society. It is supposed to rouse people going through a cycle of abuse.

2. [The graphics scenes in Bliss] are not intended to arouse. They are intended to disturb you and then question things. Make you think.

3. Does it not even merit kahit R-18 man lang? Kasi parang iniisip ko, kung X agad—are you saying that our Filipino eighteen year olds, who will go and watch it in cinemas, will not be able to comprehend that this is not something I should do?

4. Have we not educated them enough to think as responsible adults?

5. We would like for our film to be shown. It deserves to be shown. It’s not a feel-good film but [it will make] you leave the theater thinking about things.

6. Hindi naman natin kailangan makipag-away. No harsh words are necessary, Dialogue is good. It opens it up. I also want to know, bakit nga ba X?

7. How come a foreign film is allowed to be shown here, with, perhaps not the exact same components—let’s say Fifty Shades of Grey. Why was it shown when it tackles only love and S&M? Our film, I would like to think, tackles more than that.

[h/t Manila Bulletin]


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