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Universal Pictures has freshly dropped the 2nd trailer for the 2017 remake of The Mummy. Initially shown at the CinemaCon convention last week, the two minute, 30-seconder clip allowed a wider peek of the heavy-handed action/adventure movie.

In this reboot, lead actor Tom Cruise is seen fighting gods and monsters after a plane crash incident that changed him for life.

Far off from the 1999 Stephen Sommers classic, the Alex Kurtzman-directed film presents a story about ancient Egyptian princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) unjustly awoken and is now aiming to transport upon terrors over the modern day society. The thing is, she isn’t alone in having ethereal powers to bring forth utter destruction to the world.

While this latest remake was put in place of a fourth Brendan Fraser movie, there is no telling on how things will play out regarding its impact. It could be sold as another installment of Mission: Impossible (the stunts on that zero-gravity crash looks familiar, yes?), or a suspenseful tale that will make us hold on to our seats on its showing day. In any case, the newest trailer elicited a mixture of thoughts.

Valid viewpoint right here.

Right? Same thoughts, girl.

Hitting the target market.

The Mummy will be hitting the Philippine theaters on June 7, 2017. Watch the official second trailer below:



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