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In partnership with Fringe Manila, KAPWA Studio, and Pineapple Lab, the Makati Museum and Cultural Affairs Office is re-opening the doors of Museo ng Makati to the public on Thursday, Apr 6, from 5pm to 11:30pm. It aims to pave a path on the future of the creative practices of home-grown artists in Makati, thereby flaring up the arts scene of Makati’s oldest but hippest neighborhood: Poblacion.

In any case, if those are not enough points to get you down south, here are four more reasons for a pumping throwback experience:

1. Tons of live music performances from different genres

Expect to be wonderfully entertained with consequent shows by the Makati Boys Choir, along with local Poblacion artists like Daloy Dance Company, multimedia collective Heresy, avant-pop electronica solo Joee & I, local group of beatboxers The Jeepney Jammers, singer-songwriter Nica del Rosario, Gio Levy, and more.

The drumming group Adinkra Lumad Djembe Community and KAPWA Studio and Burlesque PH’s Leslie Espinosa will also make their debut on the event as well.

2. A pop-up night market will be there

In case you never get around to visiting the Legazpi Sunday Market because you’re always still asleep, here’s your chance to get a load on its excellent grub. Local street food carts along with the town’s premium food and handicraft selection from the Legazpi Sunday Market and its guest artisanal makers will be present tomorrow evening.

3. It will celebrate different forms of art

A Night at the Museo will not just reanimate the life of Poblacion’s art prospect, it will also feature the unveiling of “Mariposa,” an art installation by Makati’s Make It Happen Workshop, and the live art mural creation by Fringe Manila Art Battle Finalist Jappy Agoncillo with music from DJ duo Bignay Soundsystem.

4. It will have a fête of works from the past and the present

The launch of the occasion will also open an exhibit of Old’s Makati’s photographs by a roll of Manila artists from the sides of traditional and digital arts.

Originally constructed in 1918, Museo ng Makati was renovated in 1934 after almost 100 years when it was first used as Makati City’s first Town Hall in 1961. It will stay open until April 16, 2017 and will be closed again for visitation until further announcement. For more details, visit the event’s Facebook page.



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