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Twenty years since its premiere, MTV’s cult cartoon Daria has been re-imagined by its co-creator Susie Lewis with illustrator Karen Disher.

Initially released for Entertainment Weekly, the update on the looks of the crew dishes out views on a blissful modern life for everyone.

Here’s a few updates:

• Daria ended up writing for a talk show and living in New York with her cat Godzilla.

• Jane grew up to be an artist who sells her works occasionally and is living in SoHo with her archaeologist husband.

• Quinn (Daria’s sister) is now a single mother to three boys and a beauty vlogger.

• Trent (Jane’s brother and Daria’s former crush) now works as a bartender and is struggling to get back on his feet since his band Mystik Spiral was a one hit wonder.

• Then cheerleader Britanny married quarterback Kevin. She is now Lawndale’s local weathergirl as he stays at home watching their five kids.

• Jake and Helen Morgendorferr (Daria and Quinn’s parents) are now happy retirees barely breaking a sweat on their dance classes.

Daria has been a classic favorite among Gen-Xers because of the sardonic charm of its lead character. Daria Morgendorferr (who tries to fly under the radar during high school with her best friend Jane Lane) is iconic for adolescents who matured to be realists, firm on coping with the norm if deemed unnecessary.

It is, however, a rather atypical re-animation on the smart high school girls known for cynicism (and witty clap backs) as well as the rest of the show’s characters. In any case, we’re thrilled to see the besties still attached at the hip two decades later. After all, credits to our sarcasm as a generation go to them. Ha!


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