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You may have heard or seen Rabeanco from your cool boss who is pro AF, from your avant garde tita, or even that cool girl from another department in the office who is just so on point!

Hailing from Hong Kong, the a leather accessory brand has been in Manila for five years now. To celebrate the milestone, the brand released a line of lush leather bags that TBH, had our mouths agape. We pick five of our faves that can easily transition from office to weekend, from business to pleasure, from outgoing intern to girl boss.

Yes, prices do come with a gasp. But we’re taking it as aspirational: Here are five bags you will want to work for. Didn’t geniuses say you have to dress up for the job you want?

1. The Elsa Crossbody (P10,500)

A multi-functional shoulder strap bag made with cow leather that comes with two detachable pouches. Perfect for dinner and drinks, don’t you think?

2. Cube Backpack (P11,500)

It’s boxy, it’s square, but it’s no bore! Sexy slouch notwithstanding, the Cube is hella versatile; it calls itself a backpack but you can also wear it as a shoulder bag. It has a sturdy handle and a hidden back pocket, making it a sound traveler’s choice.

3. Mara Satchel (P18,500)

What is cute? We love this angular bag not only because it reminds us how to hide our horns in the office (cue evil laugh), but also because hot damn, so many pockets!

4. Sole Satchel (P15,500)

Ten years down the line, and the sole satchel will still be the It bag of the season, thanks to its rectangular silhouette. Simple, lightweight, not to mention deep—boy can this carry all your shiii! It may be a blackhole, but it sure don’t look it!

5. Amme (P15,500)

We are totally digging this bucket bag. Don’t be deceived by its supposed structure; the Amme has a snap button for maximum versatility. That cute little pouch, made with canvas, actually comes with it.


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