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Have you seen a movie meme? Yes, those memes where netizens put an appropriate movie title to a certain photo. These memes has been all over Facebook and Twitter, but one album still standouts to this very day.

The Kris Aquino movie memes album recently resurfaced and turned viral when its creator, Facebook user Francis Xavier updated the album first made public earlier this year, on January 5 to be specific.

It actually made us do two things: (1) miss Krissy so much and (2) realize that when Kris ain’t annoying, she’s actually super aliw. We actually miss her and can’t wait to watch her on TV again—she has a one-off actually, today on GMA-7.

Anyway, to prep for later, we put our eight favorite movie memes from the album. Later!

1. In which Krissy gamely showed us her moves:



2. In which Kris turned pensive at the airport…?

3. In which she went all in and all out for that swimming episode: 


4. In which she proved to be truly ahead of her time. She was ahead of Emma Watson: 

5. In which she showed rapport is important: 

6. In which she went todo made career archery:


7. In which she showed there could be unity in colors: 


8. In which we turn green with envy for Darla and Kristeta’s friendship:

Check out Francis Xavier’s Facebook for more Kris Aquino memes. 

Photos from: Francis Xavier


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