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While Bonifacio Global City sure is teeming with restaurants high-end, low-end, and mid-range, there is one particular corner in the neighborhood that’s slowly emerging as a place to be for foodies: The Uptown Mall on the 38th Street.

It’s a ginormous block full of restaurants and eateries serving cuisines from all over the world. Whether you’re craving South American empanadas, Singaporean Char Siews, or Japanese Ramen, Uptown Mall has got you covered.

1. Craving for: South American cuisine
Go to: Naxional South American Diner
Though already beloved for its delicious fish tacos, Naxional has more to offer from the rest of the continent. There’s the heavy sofrito, the sweet patacones, Brazilian sausages, delicious corn on the cob, and picanha steak. It’s fun, it’s casual, it’s filling.  2/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 9463419. 11am-11pm


2. Craving for: Italian food
Go to: Salvatore Cuomo
Italian by way of Japan, Salvatore Cuomo serves delicious food made with ingredients flown directly from Italy. As such the pizza is Grade A delicioso, as the pasta dishes, lamb chops, and of course, the steak. G/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 9463072. 11am-11pm


3. Craving for: Singaporean, lah
Go to: Char Dining
Char means “roast” so it’s no surprise that Char Dining takes pride in its Char Siew: crispy pork belly and roast dumpling. Brothers Anthony and Alvin Ong brought the restaurant straight from Singapore, so you can definitely get your laksa craving, butter prawns and spicy chicken Szechuan style fix from here. 2/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 249069 ext 512. 11am-10pm


4. Craving for: something familiar
Go to: Palete
How else do you describe Palete’s menu, which boasts of a crab and artichoke dip, pan-seared salmon, and chocolate lava cake with almond streusel in it than fusion-comfort? “We have soups, salads, homemade flatbreads, pastas, and steaks,” says chef Kaye Torres. “We have a wide variety of dishes for every customer. We may look intimidating but our prices are very friendly.” 2/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 9552364, 11am-11pm


5. Craving for: pork
Go to: Livestock Restaurant and Bar
Like most Filipino restaurants, pork as the center of attention here with its crispy pata—served in a popsicle stick!—taking front and center. “Livestock is inspired by the family’s hog farm. Some of our produce come fresh from the farm and go straight to the table,” says Livestock manager Joan Tortulas. The crackling pork belly and salted fish rice are a must, too. 2/F Uptown Parade, 38th street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 8736213, 11am-12am


6. Craving for: Fil-Mex
Go to: Gorda
Well, it’s Mexican infused with Filipino elements. The Lechon taco is insane, as the Mamo’s Nachos: spiced beef estofado, trio local keso sauce, ensalad, and jalapeño atsara. 2/F Uptown Parade, 38th street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 7771929, +63956 1893580, 3pm-12am


7. Craving for: Ramen
Go to: Uma-Uma
Uma-Uma, hands down, is ramen heaven. Founded in Fukuoka, Japan, the restaurant serves tasty ramen as well as its unique variations, too. So apart from the Hakata-style ramen everybody is used to, Uma-Uma also has something like the Crab Ramen, made of dry noodles, aligue, crab cake, and khushuyagi prawn. 2/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 2469069 etc 359. 11am-11pm


8. Craving for: American
Go to: Sweet Ecstasy
Burger, fries, and milkshakes, yo! Sweet Ecstacy or Sweet X as everybody calls it is a classic burger joint that serves some of the best burgers Metro Manila has to offer. You won’t regret going basic with its cheeseburger, as it puts on full display its delicious beef pattie. Pair it up with fried pickles and you’re good to go. 2/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63995 2183000, 11am-12am


9. Craving for: Seafood
Go to: Hook by Todd English Food Hall
The third spin-off of Todd English Food Hall, Hook is the first raw seafood restaurant in the Philippines. It offers oysters fresh from Aklan, uni, tuna, salmon, shrimps, and carb. The 900-square-meter restaurant focuses on borderless seafood cuisine serving dishes common in China, Japan, and Europe. G/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 9602248. 4pm-12am


10. Craving for: Korean
Go to: Namoo House
Go all Kim Bok-Joo and eat all the Korean barbecue you can—or traditional kimchi, or classic bibimbab, or pajeon. The meats this franchise from Korea, whose name used t be Maple Tree House, are premium USDA prime, so yeah! Bring on the boneless short ribs! G/F Uptown Parade 38th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC +63 2 2469069 ext 640 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm


11. Craving for: more South American food
Go to: Pampas
Where Naxional brings you casual South American fare, Pampas offers South American with a twist. One of Pampas unique dishes is the dimsum-style appetizer trolley, much like a dimsum cart in Chinese eateries that goes around offering guests to pick what they’d like. In the cart are empanadas, chicken wings, meat balls, and chips and salsa. G/F Uptown Parade 36th Street cor 9th Avenue, BGC. +63 2 9463802 11am-11pm

[h/t Manila Bulletin]


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