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On Monday, April 10, Isabelle Daza apologized—on IG stories, if we may add—for a gaffe she committed on…IG stories!

“Hi guys, I just wanted to apologize for the previous IG story on Africa vs. hats. It didn’t come off the way I played it in my head–it was insensitive and offensive and I take full responsibility for my actions.

“It was a lapse of judgement and I appreciate the feedback from you guys. Moving forward, I will be more mindful of what I post. Again I am sorry,” she wrote.

Last Saturday, April 8, Isabelle posted a controversial story, which could be a joke sure, except it’s not very funny. She contemplated between buying a hat to add to her OOTDs for her trip or to feed the children of Africa for the same price.

Isabelle took a photo of herself trying on a brown hat with the text: “Buy this hat for my Africa looks or FEED children in Africa for the same price?”

“What would Angelina Jolie do?!” she wrote. She even decorated her photo with baby emojis.

Netizens, needless to say, took offense. They took screenshots of the photo and called her out for being “insensitive” about the issue.

Here are some reactions from the Twitter world:

Okay tbh, Instagram stories may be a good tool for us to give updates about our lives, but everybody, not only celebrities should remember that we need to be careful about what we post online. Lesson learned!


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