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After fulfilling religious obligations, if any, many of us will be taking the long weekend to rest, relax, and Konmari the shit out of our lives rooms.

Minimalism has become the ultimate goal, and for obvious reasons: Our lives have become so littered—and weighed down—thanks to (keeping up with) unending trends, useless information, sentimental reasons, so it goes.

It’s cool, until it’s not. Below are five tips to help you turn into a minimalist

1. Do you even want to be a minimalist? We mean, yes it looks so photogenic, plus its premise is so refreshing. But are you only doing it to, again, keep up with the trend? Look at your impulses, attitude, and aesthetic: Are they even near minimalism? If you’re all hippie and boho, you might want to reconsider.

2. What should you let go? Apartment Therapy contributor Eleanor Busing has a good tip to help you identify things you can and should let go of: Enter your room and see what things and furniture it can do without. Can the room function without that bean bag? What about that old framed photo of your dead pet fish? When you’re stuck with an item, say a nice hardbound book given by an ex, learn to ask yourself: Does it spark joy? If the answer is yes, don’t let go.

3. How much—and how many—do you need? Just how many cameras do you need in your life? Notebooks? Phone cases? Review your closet, bookcases, and reassess. “Minimalism is keeping only what functions for you the most,” writes Joyce Reyes-Aguila on Manila Bulletin.

4. What color calms you? Minimalist homes usually adopt a simple color, often white. If white reminds you too much of a hospital, consider a color that calms you: is it millennial pink? Pastel green? Beige?

5. How would you like to break that aesthetic? Complement that look but introducing another element. Expose copper piping, or a wall of bare bricks. Use “see-through” furniture; they help make a room feel larger and “uninterrupted.”

6. What are your storage options? Do you even have storage options? Home improvement website says minimalists’ homes are ones where surfaces are clutter-free. So: Where can you store, nay hide, your stash? Make use of that cute matrioshka doll and use it as storage for your various anik-anik. Even better: get an all-white look for your bedroom and use those dolls as an accent!

[h/t Manila Bulletin]



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