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Looks like the sharp and pointed Assumption cursive will survive the digital age and the death of handwriting because an Assumption alumna has turned it into a typeface.

On her website Wednesday, Mikko Sumulong launched “Mix Old Girl,” a font that looks exactly like the Assumption handwriting she spent years learning.

“We were taught how to write cursive this way,” Sumulong tells GMA News Online. “We spent one class period each week perfecting those sharp strokes.”

It took Sumulong exactly one year to make Mix Old Girl, adding the “distinct sharp edges of my Alma Mater’s distinctive handwriting made it even more difficult.”

Check out the font and be amazed at how Sumulong got the “classic capital T” down pat.

The font can be downloaded for $13 (personal educational, non-profit use) and P29 for commercial use on her website, where there are over 70 other fonts you can purchase.


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