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And this summer’s hottest trend goes to…tassel earrings!

For the uninitiated they’re like dangling earrings, except what’s dangling are loose pieces of silk thread instead of the usual matrona, erm, materials (gold, diamond, and all the expensive things).

They’re fun, funky, flirty, and they add a playful element to your outfit. Below are eight pairs that will convince you to get one, if you haven’t already.


1. Red tassel earrings from Forever 21 (P325)

These on your ears as you don an all black outfit—can you imagine how dramatic it all looks?


2. Igorota earrings from Pio Pio (Price, TBA)

Why wear one tassel when you can have five on each ear? Check out Pio Pio on Instagram


3. Brown tassel earrings from Lazada (P401)

It comes with an added decoration of rhinestones for maximum bohemian effect. Check it out on Lazada


4. Chaco tassel earrings from Seek The Uniq (P590)

They’re handcrafted, light-weight, and features pillow-like details with whipstitched finish. Beautiful, isn’t it? Check it out on Seek The Uniq 


5. Alessa tassel earrings from Seek The Uniq (P1,390)

Measuring 6 inches in length, the Alessa tassel features beaded balls, silk tassels, aqua beads, and gold-hued hardware. Check it out on Seek The Uniq


6. Tassel earrings from Shopee (P285)

These babies we found in Shopee comes in six different colors, all featuring silver ear wire, and are wire-wrapped in bronze seed beads. At 2 inches long, it looks great for daytime wear. Check it out on Shopee


7. Tassel earrings from Mango (P995)

Tassels hanging from an invert fan-shaped metal complete with tiny pompoms at the end give this pair a total ¡arriba, ole! Check it out on Mango


8. Tassel earrings from Stradivarius (P495)

Isn’t the gold chain detail peeking from the black silk tassels such a come-hither? Check it out on Stradivarius


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