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Students who failed a semester, this might be a very faint silver lining to yet another round of academic drudgery.

On Thursday, Spotify announced it is slashing the price tag for premium accounts in half—but only for registered students. Fifty off is at…P65 a month. Uh huh, cheaper than that that a single cup of your favorite non-fat flat white.

Dubbed Spotify Premium for Students (haha, duh), the premium service allows students to enjoy uninterrupted music (no ads, yay!), listen to songs even offline, instant access to more than 30 million songs, better sound quality, and all the Chainsmokers they can handle.

Oh, but the fine print: you gotta be a registered student “at an accredited higher education institution who meet addition qualifications.”

The offer is good for 12 consecutive months, or one entire year. But look, another fine print: You are entitled to activate up to three additional Discount Periods for yourself by re-submitting your information on the Student Discount Offer sign-up page, so long as you are a Qualifying Student.”

Nice touch there, Spotify.

Sign up here.


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